Village Government Info

Village Board of Trustees

Leslie Thomas – Chair-Fire Commissioner
Leroy Trease – Vice Chair-Water Operator, Water/Sewer Commissioner
Jerry Allen – Parks Commissioner
Jeff Oehm – Streets Commissioner
Jake Hill – Buildings Commissioner

Village Staff

Kristi Bridgford – Village Clerk/Treasurer

Steve Hill – Village Maintenance

Amber Karel – As Needed Village Clerk/Treasurer

Village Attorney
Maureen Freeman-Caddy

Planning and Zoning Board Members

Roger Michaelis

John Stevens

Jim Vance

Janice Trease

Nancy Smith

Alternate (1)

Tree Board Members

Janice Trease

Linda Olson

Deb Bennett

Health Board Members

Leslie Thomas

Louis Griser

Linda Olson

Building Inspector
Kendall Hoggins

Fire Chief
Nick Dankers

Village Public Office Hours

Monday 9:00am-11:00am Clerk/Treasurer
Tuesday 9:00am-11:00am Clerk/Treasurer
Wednesday  9:00am-11:00am Clerk/Treasurer
Thursday Closed By appointment
Friday Closed By appointment
Saturday Closed By appointment

Hours are subject to change. Appointments may be possible outside of business hours.  Please call the office (402) 795-5885 or email at

Please keep in mind our busiest days are immediately before and after the monthly meetings.

Seward County Sheriff – 402-643-4578 – Website –